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The stars of the universe have aligned in your favor, so the predictions are ready for you… Check them out today

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Mexico.- Start your day off right with good energy, thanks to the predictions, to see how you will do today… Here we will let you know what is in store for you this Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

The stars line up in favor of each Zodiac sign to guide them in your daily life; ask what the universe has in store for you regarding health, money and love. We suggest:


Lovers of the past return, the donkey returns to the wheat, no one has a future anymore so leave that in the past and don’t complicate your existence anymore by living what is no longer possible and will never happen again. Very good days are coming in which you must learn to renew yourself and let go of all that hurts you and does not allow you to continue well, you need to close cycles and begin to see why it moves your life and your dreams for this 2023. Love you will have even for throw up, but possibly you choose the wrong person, you listened to your heart and not to your eyes, you tend to go a lot for appearances and physique. Beware of a fall or accident that could make you fall into bed or go to the doctor in an emergency. It is possible that two of your friends are talking very badly about you and about secrets that you confessed to them, you usually cause a lot of envy and the only way they find to hurt you is by leaving you in bad shape with other people, in a few days or hours you will know who they are for you to adjust.

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In love there are many possibilities to achieve something serious that you had been waiting for some time, do not be so demanding when looking for or going out with someone, remember that however the toad is, the stone must be there, if you want something good, put your batteries on and that what you ask for is the same as what you offer so that there can be a coincidence between what you ask for and what you give. If you have a partner, moments of pure passion are coming and you will enjoy it like never before. If you have a partner, put your batteries in because there are two people who are hanging around you and your partner is not indifferent to you and gives them a hard time. Family pregnancy and return of friendship from the past could make you very happy and make you smile. Improvements in money and extra money that they owed you will come to you, you will know how to take advantage of it in the best way.

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Beware of pain or illness in the part of your stomach. A lot of negative energy is hanging around you and it comes from some friends. Do not change your sense of humor because it is what attracts the people around you and it is what makes you unique and different from others. You start a new stage full of new opportunities in all areas of your life and you should take advantage of them in the best way, give yourself the opportunity to meet new people and stop begging for affection, love and attention from those who do not care and do nothing for you. keep you in your life, those people need to send them to the smut without any explanation. Take care of mood swings and throat infections because you will be more than ever very present. If you have been worried about a situation that has not been resolved, do not worry, it will be resolved by the end of the month at the latest. It is possible that you receive job offers or something that has to do with a course or school, you might be interested in taking a course or preparing yourself for something you have always wanted, you will be given the opportunity.

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In the economy, some problems, you usually spend more than necessary, especially on issues that you do not need or do not leave you anything useful. Pay attention to the signs that will be presented to you these days because new job opportunities and meetings or parties will come to you in which you will have the best time; It is time to enjoy a bit and have a good time, but above all stop complaining about shingaderas. Changes are coming in your work and there could even be envy from colleagues. Your partner will be very affectionate or affectionate and do not get too excited because in a few days you will know what they want or need, do not pay attention and if you cannot do what they ask you, let them know so that you do not get into debt that the situation is not there for those things. Do not allow someone from your past to ruin your present, so let go of any responsibility that does not correspond to you.

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Possibilities of bedding with friendship, do not get involved in these issues or you could fall in love and in the end that person will not take you into account the way you want. Astrological movements are coming that will make a person from your past return and you will realize how life has treated them and how everything has gone wrong. In your family, you will need to do more of your part because you have neglected it a lot and sooner or later you could regret it. You will bring a lot of luck in games of chance, however it is important that you do not bet money that you do not have because something unexpected could happen. Sometimes you beat yourself up a lot and blame yourself for everything that happens around you and it shouldn’t be like that, let people take responsibility for their actions and not carry suitcases that are not yours; It is time to think of yourself and put yourself first, otherwise no one else is going to do it and you will only end up martyring yourself.

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If you have a partner, mistrust could ruin everything because that is what causes problems. You are distrustful, proud and very manipulative and that often pushes away the people around you. Time to put your batteries into everything, stop dragging and send those who do not say yes to you, or let others give it to you, remove those people who do not want to enter your life from the door , but good that they get in the way. Don’t fake feelings with those who don’t feel it anymore, don’t fall into mistakes for pleasing someone who doesn’t value it; learn to send the rubber to disastrous people who are of no use to you in your life. New financial opportunities and discussions with your superiors at work come your way.


Stop waiting for someone who left for no reason and start looking after yourself and your life. Your sense of humor will help you a lot to attract many people into your life, however, you should be very cautious because you could let people into your life who will only use you to achieve one of their goals and then send you to hell. Stop sinking and learn to see more for yourself, you have neglected yourself a lot and it is not the date for you to start looking for a way to look good, you have a good chance of recovering your body, however, you fall into temptation and cannot stand the hunger pangs You love flour and soft drinks and that will always be your problem. Many changes on the horizon that will make you mature and get rid of all those dirty people who only make you suffer and feel bad. Water with what you tell those around you because you could screw up with certain information that will come out of your mouth.

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Take care of falls and blows that will be the order of the day, especially at work or school. A new love is visualized from distant lands and will arrive through a friendship, it could move your life and environment a lot, but you must take precautions so that it does not only take advantage of your caress. Don’t fall for absurd family games that want to provoke conflicts, learn to listen and shut up, that way you learn more and realize many things. A very dog ​​detachment from a person comes, you must learn to let go and let go, nothing is forever and you do not deserve anyone who with their contempt or lack of time and attitude makes you feel screwed; Send the rubber all that hinders you or makes you feel less valuable than you know you have.

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Do not leave anything for the future and enjoy each day as if it were your last, because it is the only sure thing you have in this life and in this world to be happy. Time to wake up in every way and put strength, commitment and desire to your dreams and goals if you really want to make them come true and make them work. Make a clean with your friends because many of the people around you tend to envy you a lot and take some information from you to take it to ex-partners or people who do not like you or see you with good eyes. Go back and realize the path you have traveled to get where you are now and what it has cost you, sometimes you complain a lot about how life treats you, but you do not pay attention to what you have done to get where you are.


A new travel opportunity or change of residence could present itself at any time, but it will benefit you greatly. You will receive important news from people from your past. Days of many changes, but everything will turn out positively, just go for your goal and objective, good times come in love that will help you grow and realize how much you are worth. Take care of neighbors or neighbors who envy your family a lot and could do something to scrub them or harm them with witchcraft. A great love is coming that will revolutionize the way you think. There are many possibilities to start a romance with a friend who has shown some interest in you, do not look elsewhere for what you have around you. Let life take care of fucking all those people who have overstepped with you and have caused you suffering, stress and a bad time. There is a work situation that will bring you something tense, however good news is coming, wait for everything to mature so that the offer or news you are waiting for is better than what you are looking for and want.

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If you have a partner, jealousy is displayed that, far from driving them away, will unite them more than ever. Do not let yourself fall or make negative comments affect you, life will put you many tests and very difficult situations, however, you will learn to get ahead and learn from those mistakes. A trip will approach and you will meet new people who will leave a mark on you for the rest of your life. Be careful with a partner in case you are hiding some things from you and it will be difficult for you to find out what it is. You must learn to take care of your diet a little more because you will be gaining weight and presenting some problems such as gastritis and colitis on these dates. News of a pregnancy within the family is about to happen. A friendship will need a lot of your help. Time to mature and look for something stable and solid and stop going around loosening half the world. These days you will reflect on all the situations you have gone through in your life.

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You need to clear things up with a friend or they could lose trust due to third party misunderstandings. A person who is no longer physically in this world will give you a sign, you should know that there is not a day that he does not accompany you and watches over you from another sky and will give you news through a dream. You must be careful who you give access to your home because a loss may occur due to theft. Learn to accept yourself as you are and appreciate who you are, you don’t deserve to change just because someone doesn’t think so, be careful with falls and blows because they will be the order of the day. It is important that you start from scratch in everything, give yourself the opportunity to let life put the situations and people in your life and you only go accepting those who make you feel good or make others smile, you should send them fuck it Do not get carried away by neighborhood gossip because several people close to you will bring you in the mouth. Improvements in the relationship in case you have it, and gossip in friends about you and your family. Illness in a member of your family that could make you somewhat tense or bad.

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