Today’s horoscope for Nana Calistar December 04, 2022


Do not allow them to see you on your knees, if you beg, darling, you expose yourself to what they want to do with you, you do not have to beg anyone because you can have whoever you want if you propose as long as you do not put your life at risk. integrity as a person. Large movements in the field of agreements, documents, etc. Make clear what you want and where you are going, do not waste your time anymore, it is time to recharge your batteries and achieve your goals. Send away all that stresses you out and makes you lose sleep or else you will never get out of those pessimistic thoughts that are bothering your existence so much. You will meet a person through social networks that will help you a lot to improve an aspect of your life. Extra money will help you pay certain debts that you had for a long time. You have the opportunity to be happy around you, but you have been looking in the wrong place. Do not let yourself be guided only by the external part of the people, but see the side of the feelings that in the end will be what will weigh the most.


Possibilities of a better job or a better salary are approaching, do not look for ways to feel sad, better look for ways to change your way of acting and seeing life, remember that sadness and depression become a vice. You will discover that your ex-partner lied or cheated on you many times and you didn’t even notice. You will be somewhat sad these days when you remember a person who was very important in your life but who decided not to continue on the path, stay with the best and continue your life, do not stagnate anymore. A relative will give you satisfaction and a friendship from distant lands will make you feel better with his advice. Take care of 2 friends, they are barking nonsense and a half at you and they want to harm you. If you have a partner, arm yourself with courage and tell him what you have been keeping to yourself, it is time to put the cards on the table and let it be what it has to be. Always strong and optimistic looking for better opportunities for growth and always focusing your energies on improving financially and emotionally.

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Learn to value the people who surround you and are always by your side and send those who only seek you out of interest to Wednesday. A trip is going to be planned and there is a good chance that a person from your past will return to ask for your forgiveness. Love at a distance will be presented in the near future and will be through a social network, if you are willing to put effort, patience and interest things could work out. Be careful with infections because you could get sick these days from your stomach or tonsils. You will have plans in your head to start a business, but this will not materialize until January. Do not allow laundry gossip to affect you, remember that you are one of the most envied signs because you usually always get what you set out to do. If your partner keeps doubting your fidelity, it is not worth continuing to prove that you are faithful, if he does not believe in you, put the cards on the table.

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Urgent change of look to renew yourself and attract new opportunities in love and work. Learn to distrust people more because sometimes you trust so much that that’s why the blows hurt when you discover their lies. Time for new cycles and changes, life will fill you with surprises because you will begin to get out of a streak that had damaged your life, great changes are coming, including the return of a love that left a few days ago. It is important that you take more care of your words because you will be in a somewhat annoying tone and you could harm or affect someone who does not deserve it. Possibilities of processing or changes in matters of articles or personal belongings, you are going to fix some documents these days. Do not despair of the love that will soon arrive, it is time to enjoy what you have and who you surround yourself with and give flight to the caress like never before, but always with responsibility and caution. If you have a partner, let yourself be loved and don’t be so demanding, remember that people get tired, don’t look for ways to be arguing or fighting with your worst, and invest your time in looking for more pleasant moments.

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A friendship will continue to suffer from depression and ask you for advice, try to give them your opinion, but do not get too involved in these issues because you could be harmed or harmed. A family member will get sick. News is coming that will leave you very thoughtful or thoughtful. Value yourself more and learn not to give everything because you can be left with nothing to the point of suffering deception and betrayal in the future. A call, message or inbox from a person you just met or will meet could brighten your day, don’t even get excited, all in good time so that things turn out better, give yourself the opportunity to get to know this person more and you will get great surprises . Be careful with opening your feelings and heart too much because you could make a mistake. 2 very important dreams are about to be consolidated, one for work and effort and the other will come as a surprise when you least imagine it. Important changes are coming, including the opportunity to improve in aspects of work and money. You’re not a gold coin, so you don’t have to like everyone, just liking yourself is more than enough.

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If there have been problems with your partner, the relationship will improve a lot, just learn to be more patient and not be so jealous, give them their space. Do not allow the past and the bad streaks you have experienced to take away the illusion of starting from scratch. Changes are coming in a matter of attitude because the twenty that it is time to settle down will fall on you. Do not stop for anyone and do not compare yourself with other people because the path they have gone through is very different from yours. A dream will warn you about certain events that are about to happen in your life. You could find yourself a friend or ex-partner in the next few days, you will realize how life has taken its toll and has given you some good strangers. You are going to drop a dream or business in the near future. Life will put you a test in which it will make you value your loved ones more. Put the batteries in the diet and exercise because you start a season in which you will gain weight, you enter a lot of sugars and flours and there are many possibilities of diabetes problems in the future.

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Take care of bone problems and rest and sleep more. There are days of much reflection in which you must learn that no one deserves your tears and whoever deserves them will only make you cry for good times. A friend will look for you to tell you a big gossip, don’t say anything because your comment can be taken as bad milk and in the end you will end up getting into big trouble. When it comes to money, you will improve a lot, but save up because in a short time there will be a very bad streak in which you will be asking for loans. Be careful with two friends who are very gossipy because they could get you in trouble for snouts. Don’t stay wanting anything and enjoy your life, sometimes you worry a lot about the past that doesn’t even exist and that in the long run only wastes your time. It is important that you start a period of changes as soon as possible in which you do not let yourself be influenced or manipulated by anyone, sometimes you pay close attention to silly comments that only lead you down the wrong path.

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Don’t worry so much about the future and live your present, the projects will start to happen little by little but don’t let your guard down at any time. You have many opportunities to be happy, but you’re either a wimp or a wimp and sometimes your beggar humor doesn’t work for you. If they couldn’t make it, it doesn’t mean you can’t either. Waters with loss of objects and money because they will be the order of the day. You are of good feelings and noble, you fall in love very easily because you do not look for great things in your partners, you just need a little love and attention to feel loved or loved. Do not get angry for any nonsense, learn to be more tolerant or you will only create new enemies and drive away important friendships. Friendship will be crying because of lack of love, do not get into those problems because you will remember issues from the past that could affect you. Love from the past returns and you will feel the need to try what did not happen before because you already had a relationship. Remember that each stumbling block that comes your way is a new opportunity to improve or change a defect that you have, learn from the lessons and do not become attached to the stones that you are very one of those people.

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You are very afraid of falling in love because in the past they made your life of little squares, keep in mind that opportunities do not wait, give yourself time for yourself and to be happy, if you are wrong at least it will have left you some learning. Do not get so depressed at night, yours is a matter of attitude more than depression, send all those people who are useless to you to the scrub, you need to clean up your life to start from scratch and consolidate new projects. Do not let yourself fall or be defeated by anyone, remember that you have the power to achieve what you set your mind to, be careful with a friendship that will be very close to you, it only wants to get certain information from you. Do not neglect your great body and lower your character 3 stripes, do not take it out on someone who does not owe it because at any moment they will turn your tortilla around. It is time for you to visualize what you want so that it materializes, if you feel the need to send everything to Wednesday, do it, that is what life is all about, coming and going, doing and undoing, but remember that when you start another day you will start from scratch .

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Remember that opportunities have an expiration date so don’t miss anything at this stage of your life. A friendship will show you how much they love you with an action they will take. It is important that you do not neglect the family part because your work or friends could take you away from your family a bit. No longer fear to face your past because you will realize that it is more than buried. You will be a little bad financially, but at the end of this month of December you will receive an extra that will help you get out of debt. Do not be influenced by comments from friends, learn to make your own decisions and what your heart tells you. Do not despair if something does not go as planned, remember that perseverance will be the key to achieving your goals. If you have a partner, put the cards on the table and tell him what happens in you, remember that if there is no communication, things will not work. There are moments of the day when you will feel somewhat alone or alone, remember that life puts tests on you so that you value the people around you, do not waste them and show your feelings for the people you love.

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It is possible that you feel some interest or begin to develop feelings for a friendship, be careful because you could make very serious mistakes and hurt someone who does not deserve it. Do not complicate your existence so much, if that person loves you, they will look for you and do everything possible to be by your side, otherwise they will simply make excuses to keep the relationship in the air. It is likely that you despair these days when you do not see your life clearly, be careful not to get depressed so often because it will be worth corn and it will be difficult for you to get out of that situation. It is likely that you change your cell phone or buy an electronic item. Fall in love with who loved you and wants more than you can love him, because only then will you avoid a few kilos of suffering. Do not waste your time on things that will not leave you something useful, a good business of your own could help you improve your income. You have many goals and projects at the door, including changing your city or house, think carefully about what is best for you because you could make a mistake when making hasty decisions.

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Keep in mind that sometimes the character you take on is too imposing and you can hurt the feelings of other people, this is not the time to break your heart and let your guard down because if you fall in love more than the person you are interested in, it will be you who ends up in the end. suffering. If you have a partner, be careful with your friends, they put a lot of things in your head and in your stomach about you and for that reason there are often so many problems. Try not to trust anyone and have doubts about everyone because there are people who will approach you these days looking for something useful on your part. Take more care of your health and don’t get so depressed because you could be exposed to diseases. The cancellation of an event or outing with friends is approaching because they do not know how to agree. much in your past and life will reward you with the right person who will teach you to be a better person, be cautious because you will have competition. You have a character of the toast, but if you are intelligent you will know how to use it in your favor.